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Survival day in Winter

How to Survive in Nature during Winter

Price / person starting from

250 €


1st - 30th April

The content of the excursion

Welcome speech and introduction

• Everyman's rights in Finland

• General winter conditions - Information about the winter season, weather, snow and ice.

• Survival basics - We go through the necessary equipment for winter camping.

• Essential survival tools

-Fire-making and its importance

-First aid and health

-Food and water supply

-The importance of nutrition for survival

-Different types of nutrients and their sources in nature

• Orienteering and navigation -

We learn map reading and movement in nature.

•Reading the terrain

-Using a compass

-Identifying natural signs

-Using a map and its significance

• Survival skills - We learn the basics of survival in emergency situations.

• This course program provides participants with the basic knowledge of winter camping and helps them to learn the skills needed to survive in nature

during winter. The course includes theory, practical exercises and outdoor activities.

• The course organizers provide the necessary equipment and materials.

• Participants are expected to wear appropriate clothing and warm footwear.


Recommended Clothing

• A variety of different layers (the weather on land sort is known to be colder than on the mainland)

• Good waterproof boots (hiking boots are recommended)

• A hat and gloves

• Warm clothes and wool underwear

• Wind shell jacket



Survival day is designed to give you the tools you might need when moving in nature safely and minimizing risks in different situations.

During the day, we learn how to safely go out to photograph or otherwise hike in nature.


Group size                 2-7 people

Duration                    4-5 hours   at 9am - 2pm

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