Bear watching swamp

Animal Tracks on the Snow

By following tracks, you can learn a lot about the lifestyles of animals and get hooked on nature

Price / person starting from

250 €


1st - 30th April

The content of the excursion

• Initial briefing information in the Auditorium

• We will learn the basics of walking with snowshoes

• We leave the Bear Center, by snowshoes and clothing walking on.

• We walk in various terrains and biotopes of the Taiga forest, in spruce, pine, birch forests and swamp areas.

• On this the excursion you have a possibility to see many different types of animal and bird tracks.


Recommended Clothing

• A variety of different layers (the weather on land sort is known to be colder than on the mainland)

• Good waterproof boots (hiking boots are recommended)

• A hat and gloves

• Warm clothes and wool underwear

• Wind shell jacket


Animal Tracks on the Snow

Normally, almost the whole Finland is covered in snow in the winter. Winter nature is not as quiet and lifeless as often thought. Many animals, especially mammals, are on the move all year round and the traces in the snow reveal it. The feeling of silence is due to the fact that a large number of mammals, especially mammals, are nocturnal. Here in the wilderness, there are many animals that you rarely get close to or encounter elsewhere.


Group size                 2-7 people

Duration                    4-5 hours   at 9am - 2pm

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