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Nature Walk into the Taiga Forest

The taiga presents itself both in the flora and fauna!

Price / person starting from

250 €


1st May - 15th October

The content of the excursion

Welcome Speech and introduction

• Going through the day's program and equipment

• During the hike, we will stop to enjoy snacks by the fire.

• We will learn to observe natural signs in the winter wilderness.

• This trip provides an opportunity to enjoy the nature and learn the basics of hiking safely.

• Participants are required to wear and comfortable clothing and shoes.

• The difficulty of the trip; requires reasonable fitness and health.


Recommended Clothing


That there may be mosquitoes and other insects in the forest in summer.

You can use insecticides or a hat with an insect net on the trip.


Nature Walk into the Taiga Forest

Natural diversity in Kuhmo is related to the area’s geographical location in the transitional zone between southern and northern forest tracts. The predominant features of the landscape are attributed to the mighty taiga, the eastern coniferous forest zone. The taiga presents itself both in the flora and fauna. For example, Kuhmo is one of the few habitat of rare Finnish Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus Fennicus) and naturally, all large carnivores of Finland are part of the area’s fauna.


Group size                 2-7 people

Duration                    4-5 hours   at 9am - 2pm

Guide                        Wilderness Guide


Walk is in the nature around the Bear Centre, we organize walk in different types of forests and terrains. The forests are largely a hundred-year-old pine and spruce forests. In some places, we will walk along on open paths, but also in terrain without paths.

Along with walking we can have a break, when we will possibly have campfire and we eat lunch, traditionally grilled sausage on open fire and drink coffee or tea. Also vegetarian sausage is option.

Note; if the forest fire warning prohibits open fire, then we don’t make a campfire.

Initial information in the auditorium where we go over the upcoming trip.

During Walk you can learn

• determination of air directions from natural signs, without aids

• orientation with the help of signs obtained from nature

• appearance and evidence of climate change in nature

• we get to know different types of trees and plants

• edible plants, berries and mushrooms (different months is …May-October)

• bird species typical of the taiga forest, the coot, the coney, the woodpecker, the plover

• taiga forest fauna

• appearance of plants seasonally

• ice age traces

• visit old tar pit where tar was once made, tar has been used to protect materials made of wood, e.g., skis, roofs of buildings, sledges, boats,

• visit to a spring where you can drink water and if necessary, take it in your own bottle, we drink from a bottle.

Necessary clothing; equipment suitable for outdoor activities and moisture-resistant footwear.

The difficulty of the trip; requires reasonable fitness and health.

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